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Lowering Taxes:
Our Economic Plan

To protect our freedoms, the next Governor of Alabama MUST move our state to be much more self-sufficient and wealth is a central component. I have dubbed our plan The Joseph Project. This economic energy plan was developed by a team of experts which includes an advisor to President Trump. This former Trump advisor also has a patent on new hydroelectric technology that will reduce the cost of implementing non-dam hydropower by up to 90%. This means Alabama can introduce many small hydropower facilities and generate cost effective electricity while creating many jobs.


Oil and gas are still being found in Alabama, and geologists believe new opportunities exist in the hard shales of the deep Black Warrior Basin beneath Pickens and Tuscaloosa Counties and in the shales of St. Clair and neighboring counties. [1] There is much room to grow these energy sectors using new technologies. We will have to remove some burdensome regulations, reclaim mineral rights, and nullify federal overreach for Alabama to move forward. As Governor of Alabama, I will not allow the federal government to control our natural resources on our land or in our territorial waters.

A 2013 article stated, "Alabama may have a very profitable future in the Conasauga, Devonian and Neal shale formations in the upper middle part of the state. The Geological Survey of Alabama estimates that these formations may hold more than 800-trillion cubic feet of gas resources. That's a lot of gas waiting to be extracted, creating jobs and fueling economic growth.


The Republican Party is committed to domestic energy independence, the platform statement read. 'The United States and its neighbors to the North and South have been blessed with abundant energy resources, tapped and untapped, traditional and alternative, that are among the largest and most valuable on earth. Advancing technology has given us a more accurate understanding of the nation's enormous reserves that are ours for the development. The role of public officials must be to encourage responsible development across the board.'" [2]


Under a Dean Odle administration, Alabama will become an even greater exporter of energy via these policies and this wealth will be the catalyst to replace the current punitive tax system and reduce dependency on federal dollars. This will make Alabama a more attractive destination to workers and businesses worldwide. The new energy jobs will be prioritized for Alabama residents (incentives to hire Alabamians for these new positions). In addition to lowering taxes, reducing the cost of energy will increase the wealth of Alabama citizens. It will also attract new high-paying jobs to Alabama in the technology and manufacturing sectors that use a lot of electricity.


Our plan also includes new green technologies that actually work. This is not the Green New Deal of the radical environmentalists that want to shut-down our coal and oil industries, but rather practical ways to clean up serious environmental hazards in Alabama (i.e.  coal ash) [3] while making them produce energy.  We also plan to implement new technology that will convert trash/garbage into energy and create a solution for the need for massive garbage landfills. This technology will also allow Alabama to reclaim the land from these landfills and at the same time produce clean energy. Additionally, we will also replace our current water filtration systems with cheaper, more efficient systems that produces super-clean water from the tap.


Furthermore, expanding new clean technology petroleum refineries will increase wealth and security.  The recent Colonial Pipeline cyber-attack demonstrates the importance of expanding refineries within the state of Alabama in to secure economic freedom. We will also need to become more self-sufficient in the areas of food and medicine security. Alabama must prepare for shortages of important pharmaceuticals like antibiotics because 97% of antibiotics are currently made in China. If China cut off the flow medicine produced there, American hospitals would be in serious trouble in just a couple of months and many Americans would die. [4] It is time to have new leadership in Alabama. Vote Dean Odle for Governor on May 24, 2022.





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