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Alabama 2A Bills -HB 157 Must Be Passed

Alabama 2nd Amendment Bills

Hello Patriots, Alabama needs your diligence and voice yet again! Five important AL bills are either up for vote or in committee, including three regarding the 2nd Amendment (2A)!

Attached are PDFs of each bill and below are summarized highlights. We strongly encourage contacting your representatives and committee members (contacts below) to express support or dissent.

  1. SB308: RECOMMEND NO SUPPORT!!! Finalized bill ready for vote. Establishes a statewide and state managed database of individuals prohibited from owning firearms. This database would be accessible to law enforcement and provide a means of maintaining permit records, revoking permits, appealing revocations, and forwarding of convictions and court orders to the Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency. Although there are positives within the bill (ex: lifetime concealed carry permits), this database could be abused and further encroaches on an already threatened 2A. The database should be removed from SB308 or the entire bill killed.

  2. HB405 – RECOMMEND YES SUPPORT!!! Constitutional carry bill that repeals certain restrictions on carrying or possession of firearms on certain property or motor vehicles by people with or without a concealed pistol permit, revises restrictions on carrying or possession of firearms at certain locations, eliminates the need for a person to obtain a concealed carry permit in order to carry a pistol. This bill aims to bolster 2A.

  3. HB157 – RECOMMEND YES SUPPORT!!! Preserves 2A by limiting federal powers and fortifying the 10th Amendment. Invalidates any federal laws past, present, or future that infringe 2A. Prohibits taxes, fees, stamps imposed on firearms, firearm accessories, ammo that are not common to other goods. Prohibits registration or tracking of firearms, firearm owners, accessories, or ammo that has a “chilling effect.” AL courts and law enforcement must protect 2A and no AL public officer or employee can infringe on 2A. Class A Misdemeanor for official, agent, or US gov employee who infringes. Any AL citizen subjected to infringement has private cause of action for declaratory judgement and damages against person.

  4. HB394 and SB210 – RECOMMEND YES SUPPORT!!! Amends current law on civil and criminal forfeiture. Current law allows the state to seize assets before a guilty verdict on suspected unlawful acts. These bills end civil forfeiture for criminal drug offenses and replace it with criminal forfeiture and only after proof of conviction for criminal drug offenses.

Please call/email your reps and let your voice be heard on these bills! Attached is what YOU need to contact YOUR legislators on bills or amendments: - PDFs of each bill - Each bill's committee and the committee members' contact information - Tips on how to effectively write or call your legislator to make an IMPACT! Use the links below to look up your legislators and how to contact them. For easier sorting, select the "view members by district" button to the right of each page. ALABAMA HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: ALABAMA SENATE: LEGISLATURE SESSION INFORMATION:

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