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The Republican Women of Shelby and Coffee Counties

I will be speaking to the Republican Women of Shelby County in south Birmingham tomorrow January 15, 2022 @1:00PM. Last night, I spoke to great group of patriots at the Monroe County GOP in Excel, Alabama. And prior to heading down to Excel yesterday, I attended two rallies on the Alabama State House steps in Montgomery to push for Constitutional carry, HB31 (anti-vaccine employer mandate legislation) and for Common Core to be ended in Alabama schools.

One thing that I noticed about the rallies yesterday was that the absence of my new opponents in the Governor’s race. No Tim James, or Lindy Blanchard or Lew Who or the Pot Smoker…only Jim Zeigler and me. But…let’s just leave that right there for now.

I look forward to speaking the Republican Women of Shelby County tomorrow and then taking part in the gubernatorial candidate forum in Enterprise, Alabama being hosted by the Coffee County Republican Women next week on Wednesday January 19th starting at 11:00 AM. Make plans to be with us at these events.

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