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RINO Liz Cheney

No true conservative who is even slightly awake to the Deep State and the New World Order Bush crime family should be surprised by this Trump-hating RINO. Her blathering mouth is nothing more than CNN and DNC talking points. Trump GOP supporters are the true patriots in America trying to restore the REPUBLIC. RINOs and the left-wing socialist Democrats love to harp on the word “democracy” but the United States is not a democracy. For the Democrats and RINO hacks like Liz Cheney the term “democracy” is a code word for their unfettered rule and communist NWO agenda for America. And anyone who gets in the way of their left-wing agenda is accused of “undermining our democracy.”

The so-called “Big Lie” is really the truth. The election fraud of 2020 was the biggest undermining of our Republic since the Bush/Cheney 911 false flag and the presidency of Barack Obama. The stolen election of 2020 is a fact and the evidence is continuing to come out in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia. The Democrat leaders in those states and their accomplices in the socialist media KNOW that they cheated and committed massive election fraud. They were also helped by foreign governments like China and big tech censorship. These Democrat and RINO traitors falsely cried “Russia interfered” in the 2016 election but they all conspired to interfere and steal the 2020 election...and they succeeded.

The incident on January 6th was not an planned “insurrection” by Trump and his supporters. It was a few bad apples and some undercover ANTIFA that instigated the breach of the Capitol. Then, some ignorant people got caught up in the moment and walked through the Capitol. Frankly, I knew it was a setup which is why I didn’t go to the Trump rally on January 6th. But make no mistake, they are harping on January 6th because they are trying to hide their undermining of our elections, our economy, our border, and our God-given rights spelled out in the United States Constitution. The enemies of America and freedom are the Democrats and these RINOs like Liz Cheney.

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