Press Release: Ivey’s Response to the Biden Vaccine Mandate Leaves Alabamians on Their Own

I announced my entry into the 2022 Alabama gubernatorial race over a year ago and immediately began warning that our freedoms were under attack and that a Covid-19 vaccine mandate was on the horizon. When I wasn’t totally ignored by the Alabama press, I was called a “conspiracy theorist” by them and yet here we are today facing nationwide vaccine mandates.

I have traveled the state over the last year encouraging the people of Alabama to stand strong in defense of freedom. In just the last month I have spoken at Freedom Rallies in Huntsville, Montgomery, and Pell City. I spoke at a student-led protest against the vaccine mandate at Auburn University and I joined protesters outside of Flowers Hospital in Dothan to protest the employee mandate there. On October 7th I confronted the House Majority Leader face to face about this issue and the importance of supporting HB 31 (The Alabama Healthcare Freedom Act). Tomorrow, I will join Alabamians at the State House in Montgomery as they protest the failure of the Governor and Representatives to protect freedom and pass HB 31. As career politicians running for re-election target big money and GOP backing, I am more concerned with what is happening to the people of Alabama.

Everywhere I go in Alabama people tell me that they are about to lose their jobs because they refuse to get one of the Covid-19 “vaccines.” I have received emails and phone calls from men and women who have dedicated years to companies that are now bowing to Federal mandates instead of standing up for the rights of their employees. And sadly, most of our Republican supermajority are weak, spineless politicians who have refused to do what is necessary to stop this extreme federal overreach.

Like most career politicians, Governor Kay Ivey is all talk and no action when it comes to what really matters to tens of thousands of Alabamians. She talks tough about “standing up” to Biden’s vaccine mandate but has yet to deliver. Ivey sends out fundraising emails with false claims of standing up to Biden, but she has done nothing to help the everyday Alabamian. Her most recent executive order made for a good headline, but it only addresses her executive branch employees. Just like Kay Ivey’s gas tax, Alabamians suffer while our fake conservatives cheer and pat her on the back.

Governor Kay Ivey had the opportunity to stop this medical tyranny at the end of September when she called a special session for the Legislature, but she did nothing. And once again Ivey has called a special session beginning this Thursday and as of now refuses to protect Alabamians from Joe Biden’s mandate by including Representative Ritchie Whorton’s bill, The Alabama Health Freedom Act (HB 31). Ivey will not support this important bill because she is owned by the Business Council of Alabama. This proves that Governor Ivey and most of our legislators are more concerned with keeping the support of the Business Council of Alabama (and other big money groups) than they are with doing what is right for Alabama. They simply do not care that thousands of Alabamians are going to lose their jobs because they won’t submit to forced vaccination.

I believe we have seen enough! It is time to replace career politicians with people who care about Alabama and its future as a free state. If we are going to KEEP ALABAMA FREE in the midst of federal tyranny, regular Alabamians must rise up and take control from the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) that are in power in Montgomery. On May 24, 2022, when Alabama voters go to the polls, they need to remember the inaction of Governor Ivey and our weak legislators. Unfortunately, by then a lot of lives and families will have already been devastated.

We can truly change the course of Alabama politics forever if we elect new leaders on every level who fully understand the agenda of the left-wing globalists. It will take strong leaders that have the will to fight against rising tyranny. This is why I am running to be the next Governor of Alabama.

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