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(First I want to say that I appreciate 1819 News for actually reporting on my campaign. Most of the press in Alabama has either ignored me or attempted to ridicule my Bibliical beliefs. 1819 News reporter Brandon Moseley is an honest journalist who tries to report the facts without bias or opinion or censorship. Mr. Moseley did not put the original title on their latest article).

It has come to my attention that the original title to the article about me qualifying for the governor’s race was “Flat-Earther Dean Odle qualifies for Alabama’s governor’s race” and then it was changed. I first want to say that I’m glad it was changed to “Pastor Dean Odle qualifies for governor’s race” as that is a more honest representation of who I am.

Nevertheless, for the record, I want to state that I really do not mind my religious/theological beliefs being put out there. However, I do not believe it is honest reporting or proper context to label me a "flat-earther" without stating that I base my beliefs about the nature of creation (from the shape of the earth to the true nature of the sun, moon, and stars) on the BIBLE first and foremost. I made that clear during a one hour interview with 1819 News. (I also made it clear in that interview that I do not believe that the human race evolved from monkeys or that nothing exploded and made everything…things that the majority of Christians also do not believe). These are things that I also made clear in my November blog post about my religious beliefs being attacked. And, in addition to giving Scripture on the subject of creation, I even had the interviewer Google NASA technical manual 1207 while we were on the phone, which states, “This report documents the derivation and definition of a linear aircraft model for a rigid aircraft of constant mass flying over a NONROTATING, FLAT EARTH.” I did that to show that there is corroborating evidence to the Biblical account of creation from many sources other than the Bible. But, instead of reporting what I have said in CONTEXT by including my sources (like the Bible and NASA documents), it seems that 1819 News wants to put their own spin on what I believe. (An editor‘s response was that she did include Scriptures in an article about me but I have yet to find said article). All of this makes me wonder if 1819 News is trying to influence voters away from me to someone they prefer which is the same kind of bias we see in the liberal, mainstream media. I will be waiting to see if 1819 News publishes any of the apparent or supposed negatives of Kay Ivey, Tim James or Lynda Blanchard.

1819 News also put a negative spin on the article that contained my statements about Biden’s plans to use FEMA. 1819 News editors painted me as a “conspiracy theorist” because I talk about the “New World Order” on the campaign trail. Your organization made that ad hominem attack even though I have an article on my website documenting dozens of world leaders, former U.S. Presidents, government officials from Joe Biden and Obama to George HW Bush and Walter Cronkite all using the term “New World Order” and defining what it is. But instead of reporting facts and doing real investigative journalism, 1819 News spins me talking about the “New World Order” into an attack on me. I would expect this from CNN or MSNBC but not from the new “conservative” kid on the block.

Furthermore, painting me as anti-science because I do not accept the secular view of creation is yet another attempt to make me look bad. I’m pretty sure there are Christians at API and 1819 News (and in this race for Governor of Alabama) who believe things like the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, His miracles, and His physical and very literal resurrection from the dead (all of which are denied by modern science). So, any true Christian could be labeled a "science denier" by the secular media or most atheists in the realm of academia.

Additionally, all of my positions on vaccines and the early treatment protocols for Covid-19 are from top doctors across the world like Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale, inventor of mRNA technology Dr. Robert Malone, WHO Adviser Dr. Tess Lawrie and many more. In fact, over 15,000 doctors and scientists signed the Rome Declaration that argues for these early treatment protocols. I also cite peer-reviewed published scientific studies but regardless of how much evidence and documentation that I present, I get labeled a “conspiracy theorist” by 1819 News. I hope this changes in the near future or your organization at least becomes honest about who you are campaigning for.


Pastor Dean Odle

PS. I am including my article on the New World Order and some other links.


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