My Campaign Censored Again

This is the second time that Facebook has blocked from posting on my campaign page. The first time a post about Hydroxychloroquine being a safe and 90+% effective treatment for Covid-19 patients was taken down and I was blocked from my page for 7 days. Then, about a week after that Facebook put my post back up because new studies came out to back up the doctors I quoted before.

Today, they blocked my campaign page and my personal page for 3 days for citing the study of a Stanford University scientist that states masks are NOT effective in stopping Covid-19 transmission. This is backed up by studies from Oxford and many other peer-reviewed publications from the 1970s to 2020 that also proved that masks do NOT stop any airborne influenza-like virus. This censorship is not only against the spirit of the First Amendment, but it is direct election interference. It would be like the old South Central Bell company shutting off my phone service because they don’t agree with my political views. How can a campaign function if communication avenues are cut off? They never censor BLM or any other left-wing communists group. It is time our Alabama AG to sue Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and the US government should break up this socialist/communist big tech monopoly. These modes of communication should be considered public utilities and censorship should not be permitted.

Stepping off soap box for now. 😎

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