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Kay Ivey Pandering

Kay Ivey applauding school systems for dropping the mask mandates is the latest example of Ivey’s re-election pandering. She is the ultimate hypocrite when it comes to the mask mandates. She was the mask-mandate queen who ignored the true science that masks do not work against any influenza type airborne/aerosolized virus. She pushed mask-wearing far too long and now she applauds schools for doing what she should have made them do long ago.

I put out a video on YouTube and Facebook in March 2021 about the real scientific studies about mask-wearing. In that video, I cite studies from Oxford, the NIH and the CDC that show mask-wearing did not decrease airborne virus transmission or infection rates in surgery. Had I been Governor, I would have ordered the schools to stop the mask mandates back in 2020. This unnecessary muzzling of our children has done untold damage to their speech skills not to mention their psychological well-being.

True leaders do not blindly follow what’s popular in the media or what is pushed by federal government institutions. Kay Ivey brags about “standing up to Biden,” but she did nothing but follow the corrupt federal government mandates in Alabama. Governor Ivey claims to be a Republican, but she handled the “pandemic” like a Democrat tyrant.

The Science Behind Masks

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