Biden’s Door-to-Door Threat

My response to a reporter’s question about Biden’s door-to-door vaccine pushers...

I have been warning about this mandating/coercing of a Covid-19 vaccine since the beginning of the “pandemic.” Dr. Fauci stated just a couple of days ago that there should be more “…mandates (for the vaccine) at the local level.” There is no doubt that we are facing the rise of medical tyranny in America. Doctors and scientists, who oppose this mass vaccination agenda with legitimate concerns and correct data, are being censored. For instance, the man who invented the mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone stated that the Covid-19 vaccines are too risky, and that the government was not being transparent with us about the risks. For this, Dr. Malone was censored by YouTube.

Dr. Peter McCullough, of Texas A&M and Baylor University Medical Center, is the most published Cardiologist and Internist in his field was also censored by YouTube. He stated in his testimony before the Texas Senate HHS committee on March 11, 2021 that the United States was already at “...80% herd immunity BEFORE the Covid-19 vaccinations began.” He also stated in another interview that any alleged benefit associated with taking the vaccines do not outweigh the risk of a virus with a 99.5% recovery rate (especially with the 5-6 very safe and effective therapeutics that we have). In other words, there is no need to take the risk with the side effects of these vaccines (which includes possible death). In his testimony, Dr. McCullough also stated that there was no benefit to vaccinating people who have already had Covid-19. Scientists from the Cleveland Clinic just published a study that confirms Dr. McCullough’s assertion.

So, according to all this information, there is no need for federal agents, state governments, or public schools to push or mandate these Covid vaccines. In fact, it would be a violation of the Nuremberg Code. But for Kay Ivey’s office to say Biden’s door-to-door federal intrusion, “…does not SEEM like the answer” is weak and pathetic. Governor Kay Ivey has been a pusher of this experimental vaccine as much as Joe Biden. Furthermore, the only reason the Alabama legislature passed the vaccine passport bill and Kay Ivey signed it was due to tremendous public pressure. They were bombarded by thousands of emails and phone calls, or it would not have happened. Furthermore, that vaccine passport bill did not go far enough. We really needed Representative Ritchie Whorton’s bill that would have stopped employers from mandating vaccines. We simply need much stronger leadership in Alabama to combat this rise of medical tyranny.

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