As Governor I would...

Here’s are few things I would do as Governor of Alabama...

I would immediately work with the legislature to strip authority from the State Health director. No more arbitrary shutdowns and I would push legislation that would not allow mandatory vaccinations or employers to discriminate against people who choose not to take vaccines. I would stop the forced vaccinations of children in foster care. I would also end the unscientific mask mandate.

Secondly, I would declare Alabama a 2nd Amendment sanctuary state and start recruiting gun and ammunition manufacturers to move here. I would encourage the formation of a new militia to prepare to protect our freedoms. I would also sign a bill that allowed Constitutional carry of concealed more paying for a permit of one of our God-given rights.

I would totally revamp our tax system (property taxes are unconstitutional). I would propose a fair tax model. I would also push more drilling for Alabama oil and the building of refineries in our state. And I would begin to remove Chinese Communist Party influence and ownership of Alabama.

I would also like to see big PACs outlawed in Alabama. Politicians should only be able to raise money from individuals. And we need to enact a school voucher program and get the state out of the education of our children...they have failed. We could free up 40-50% of the state budget with a school voucher program. These are just a few things, but it would be a great start.

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