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Already the Most Censored Gubernatorial Candidate in Alabama History

This is my third post that has been censored on my Dean Odle for Governor page. The last two have been in the last two weeks. I have posted about Yoga, eastern religions, and the New World Order agenda for years on my ministry Facebook pages and NEVER received a ban or had a post removed. It was not until I started my campaign for Governor of Alabama that Facebook has started censoring me. This greatly hampers my ability to communicate with voters who want to hear from me.

I will continue to use Facebook and YouTube as much as I can, but just like they have censored President Trump, it appears that I am becoming the most censored gubernatorial candidate in Alabama history. Frankly, if big tech is not censoring a candidate or politician, then they are not addressing the REAL issues that we are facing. They are either ignorant, part of the evil agenda, or afraid to take a stand. I would like to encourage those interested in our campaign to follow me on Gab. Here's the link Dean (@Odle) / Gab Social

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