A Time for Real Change in Alabama

Governor Kay Ivey launched her re-election campaign today. Needless to say, it was not a surprise. Her handlers want to keep her there so they get to stay in power. However, the voters of Alabama are much more upset and awake than they were in 2018.

Many believe that defeating an incumbent Governor is difficult, but we are living in a unique time. Freedom loving, patriots are calling for a return to our foundational principles and the U.S. Constitution. Governor Kay Ivey has made decisions over the last few years that shocked, infuriated, and disappointed many Alabamians. She made choices that violated the God-given rights of those she was elected to serve and protect and in doing so exposed the fact that she is not a true conservative.

Governor Kay Ivey admitted that it was a mistake to shutdown Alabama businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic causing many to suffer. Had she been a leader instead of a follower, she would have listened to doctors like Yale Professor of Epidemiology Dr. Harvey Risch and Dr. Didier Raoult of France who is the top infectious disease doctor in the world. If Ivey had been a bold leader like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, she would have encouraged the use of Hydroxychloroquine in order to save thousands of lives and prevent the shutdown of businesses, churches, and schools.

However, even before the shutdown Governor Kay Ivey turned many true conservative Republicans against her because she pushed a gas tax increase that burdens the people of Alabama more each year. Also, her handling of the prison issue in Alabama has been a disaster. Shockingly, Ivey’s solution was to sign a lease with Core Civic which has a history of mismanagement and abuse of inmates. Alabama can no longer afford these bad decisions.

Many Republicans that voted for Kay Ivey believing she was a true conservative have told me they will not be voting for her in the 2022 election. Alabama needs a different kind of leader, one who is a true conservative and will do what is necessary to keep Alabama free.

I’m not running for Governor of Alabama to go to Montgomery to be just like Ivey and the rest of Alabama swamp. I will push for Constitutional carry and the 2nd Amendment Preservation Bill...and we will get it. I will order a ban on abortion because murder of the innocent is never justified. I will not allow mandatory vaccinations nor will I ever shutdown businesses, churches or schools because I will honor the 1st Amendment. I am also working on an economic plan that will allow us to lower taxes, trim the size of our state government and increase jobs. I will push for a total school voucher program and get the state out of the education business ...why? Because they have failed. I will also push for legislation to outlaw PACs in Alabama to stop big lobbyists from controlling our legislators.

One very connected GOP insider told me, “Dean, if you win, you will change Alabama politics forever.” He also likened my campaign to “taking their little snow globe and shaking it up...and if you win that would be like throwing it on the ground and stomping it.”

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