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I believe that EVERY person has the God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This right is not based on age or location. A human life begins at conception. A human man and a human woman join together and create a human, not some other organism that magically becomes human when he/she relocates outside of the womb. The child is a human life inside the womb and outside of the womb thus they have the right to life.

Abortion is murder.
Murder is sin.
God forgives sin (if asked).

Abortion not only destroys the life of a baby, but it also hurts the women who choose to kill their babies. There are mental, emotional, spiritual and sometimes physical repercussions to abortion. My wife, Nancy had personal experience with this not only as the Director of a Pregnancy Resource Center in Georgia, but also as a post abortive woman herself. Nancy lived for years with guilt and regret over her choices as a young woman. God did an amazing work of forgiveness and healing in her life. Because of her story we have first hand experience with abortion and understand the importance of not only stopping this tragedy but also helping those who have been affected by it.

If we truly care about life then we must do a better job protecting ALL human life and that means from conception to the elderly. We must defend the helpless, stand with those facing unexpected pregnancies and help heal those who have been devastated by the effects of abortion.

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