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Thank you to all who voted Odle May 24th!
The fight is not over!

Alabama needs a
different kind of leader

- Protect the Unborn & Elderly
- Protect the 1st Amendment
- Protect the 2nd Amendment
- Protect Health Freedom/No More Mandates
- Ban Common Core, CRT & SEL
- Total School Voucher Program (No Strings Attached)
- Stand on the 10th Amendment/State's Rights
- Stop Federal Overreach/Become Self-Sustaining
- Ensure Election Integrity
- Reduce/Eliminate Food, Gas & Property Taxes

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“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men (or women) shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” — Samuel Adams 1780
“Anybody But Her!”
“I am not voting for Kay Ivey.” I heard this over and over from people across the state during my two years of campaigning for Governor of Alabama. Out of the thousands of people I interacted with, I only ran into a handful of people who said they were voting for Kay Ivey. Many others who traveled our state campaigning or working in various political groups have stated they heard the exact same sentiment. So how did Kay Ivey win the primary election without a run-off? Did people forget about her gas tax, her unnecessary and unconstitutional shutdown of businesses, churches and schools, her mask-mandate, and her harsh, false accusations against the “unvaccinated folks?” Or did compromised voting machines, lack of election security, and crossover Democrat votes get Kay Ivey (s)elected? Since the primary election on May 24th, many Alabamians have expressed that they do not believe that Kay Ivey legitimately won without a run-off. Likewise, many do not believe that I only received 11,720 votes.
Late in the evening of May 24th, CNN showed that I had 11,771 votes and yet the final tally reported by NPR the next day had me finishing with 51 LESS votes. In fact, all of the totals were different at the end of the night.

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Dean Odle for Governor Write-In Campaign Begins

My question is how do you lose votes that have already been counted for you? Or where did CNN get their numbers at 11:17 PM EDT? Another strange occurrence during the evening of May 24th was that we watched 30,000 votes switch from Ivey and go to James. Then, a few minutes later, the 30,000 votes switched back to Ivey. What was that?
Vote count disparities are only part of an overall process failure. In an interview with Phil Williams on the Rightside Radio program, ALGOP Chairman John Wahl stated that he believes a large number of Democrats crossed over to vote in the Republican Primary. Wahl told Williams, “But the easiest and fastest number to look at is how many votes were there for Joe Biden versus Donald Trump? And then what is the percentage of Republican and Democrat primary voters. And they are not in lock sync. I think it was almost a six-to-one ratio between Democrat and Republican primary voters. And you know that there's not six-to-one Republicans to Democrats in the state. So, I think that's a pretty clear margin -- that we are having a VERY LARGE crossover from Democrats voting in the Republican primary."
An article AL.com published on July 3, 2022 stated, “Auburn University creative writing professor Anton DiSclafani, in a June 20 Op-Ed in The New York Times, took credit for the one-vote loss of Alabama State Senator Tom Whatley to Auburn councilman Jay Hovey. DiSclafani, in the Op-Ed, described herself as a “left-leaning Democrat” who voted on the Republican ballot during the May 24 election primarily to defeat Whatley. She said she found the incumbent senator’s policies and legacy “abhorrent.””
In a recent TikTok video Clint Grantham (founder of the grassroots group South Alabama Liberty) discussed the issue of Democrats crossing over to vote in our Republican primary. A Democrat commented on the video that he voted in both the May 24th Republican primary and the June 21st Republican runoff. Is this how true, conservative Republicans want our next Governor (s)elected? Does this really represent the will of Republican voters? I don’t think so. Unfortunately, many Alabamians were unaware of the election taking place on May 24th. Granted, that is their fault, but when they finally wake up to vote in the November 8th general election, their choices have been made for them by liberal Democrats and “moderate” weak Republicans.
What’s Next?
After the primary I published my article entitled, Ten Takeaways from the 2022 Primary and went on a much-needed vacation with my family. I got some rest and spent some time in prayer. I was amazed by the reactions I received after the election with people asking, “Can I write your name in?” or saying, “I am going to write your name in because I cannot vote for a RINO (Republican in Name Only).” The night of the election I felt my fight was not over. I was not sure what that meant at the time but after a few weeks and a long night of prayer, I knew the Lord was saying my campaign was not over. One day as I was sharing and talking with our campaign team it all fell into place.




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